Purgatory Punch-On


Battle it out as spectres possessing ordinary items in order to escape purgatory and move on to the afterlife!

A 2nd final year university project initially slated for display at PAX Australia 2020, Purgatory Punch-On is a multiplayer brawler where you play as a ghost with possession and phasing abilities.

The effects of COVID-19 resulted in many of the opportunities that is provided by the course to not be available, including the presentation at PAX and receiving regular feedback from others.

I am taking part in this capstone from a software engineer's perspective, as opposed to a designer's perspective last year in Get the Fog Out. Although the outcomes for the software engineering capstone are geared more towards more traditional software engineering, our supervisors are considerate of the more flexible approach required for game.

My contribution can be defined broadly as a gameplay programmer, however more specifically I was responsible for UI functionality and input handling. I also contributed to the network programming. Due to the lack of game networking knowledge within the team, the programmers shared the responsibility for handling and implementing the netcode.


Liam Dunstan - Gameplay Programmer
Sarah Howarth - Lead Programmer
Michael Nuttall - Graphics & Audio Programmer
Jake Trenton - Producer / Designer
Nick Frangos - Audio Lead / Animator
Tabitha Leimonis - VFX Artist
Liam Stafford - 3D Artist / Designer
Jac Trang - 2D Artist
Jake Plant - Composer

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